Michelle Senderhauf

Interactive Storyteller, Artist and Artifact Creator

Recent Work

Community Manager and Writer for FutureCoast

Worked as community manager and writer for the community-based, participatory game which explored the implications of possible futures. FutureCoast was part of a game-based initiative focusing on ...

ARGFest Conference – Website Design & Logo Update

Website Design and Updated Logo for ARGFest Conference  

Zombie Illustrations

Created illustrations showing the progression of a zombie infection for Iron Mountain's transmedia campaign.

Basil from Socks, Inc.

In 2011, I created the character Basil the Groundskeeper for Socks, Inc. I made Basil using various types of dried moss, part of a doll wig, ...

Ford Focus Rally – Community Management

Community Manager and On Site Challenge Manager for Focus Rally: America Focus Rally: America was an online interactive reality show created by Ford Motor Company, the ...

Dog Tale Media

Michelle is a Founding Partner at Dog Tale Media. Dog Tale Media specializes in custom campaigns and creative transmedia solutions for niche and small businesses who ...


People I have been lucky enough to work with

Michelle Senderhauf

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